Labour Sales % breakdown

Labour Sales %  is your Labour Cost divided by your Total Sales

Your Total Sales figures are coming from the Shift Log:


This figure on the dashboard includes a sales % if you have entered a value for this in your company settings as shown below.

 Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 12.22.52Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 12.23.20

Your labour cost is the cumulative cost of your hourly paid staff and your salary paid staff. 

  • The cost of your hourly paid staff comes from paid times on your timecards. 
  • The cost of your salary paid staff is the cumulation of your salaried staff wages divided out over the days of the week.  


This figure includes the local tax % if you have entered a value in company settings.

Forecasts Settings

You can use Bizimply's Forecast App to forecast your Labour Sales %


 You will then see your running Labour Sales % compared with your Forecast Labour Sales % on a daily and weekly basis on your dashboard.


  • Your Running Labour Sales % takes into account your weekly forecast.


  • Your Labor Sales % to date only takes into account the days worked in the week so far. 


You can swap between the 2 figures to gain the insights your business needs.