Timecard Walkthrough

A comprehensive walkthrough of Timecards on Bizimply

The timecards section of Bizimply is where you can have that oversight of how long employees have worked for the day in the business. You can approve these hours for payroll processing in Bizimply.

Here you will be selecting the time you are happy to pay from in green and a time you are happy to pay until in red, as well as setting the schedule that the paid time is associated with. 


To have good control over labour costs we would advise you to approve all timecards. This generally doesn't take long as Bizimply does a lot of the work for you, not only compiling all the information in one place (scheduled times, punch times), but admin holders can set rules to default to certain times in different instances (when staff are late or early). This means a lot of times would be automatically selected already when running through the Timecards to approve them. 

This leaves managers or those approving the timecards to make any edits when they seem fit, but also it acts as a way of getting them to double check and sign off on the hours and the ability to associate these costs with a particular schedule.


  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the Attendance section of a particular location
  3. You will be able to see the Timecards for all the employees in the location here
  4. Navigate to the correct date you wish to approve
  5. Look through the timecards to ensure that the correct times are selected as the paid times
  6. If you need to make an edit, simply click on the correct time and it will update the paid time and hours
  7. You can also select the break and even the schedule that the paid time should be associated with
  8. Once happy with the week's timecard in full click the green approve button, this highlights that you have looked over that particular timecard
  9. Go to the next employee by clicking their name in the list to the left.


What can I see on my timecard?


Calendar View

In addition to the usual way of navigating between weeks, the dropdown calendar view now also lives in the left panel, showing the current date range you are working in.

Progress Indicator

Keep an eye on the progress indicator underneath your calendar as it tracks how

many timecards are approved for the selected date range.


Managers can now leave notes on an employee timecard. Those with permission to view timecards will also see these notes.

The Employee Panel:

The updated view of the employee panel now shows you a warning symbol if the timecard contains an unassigned schedule or position.


Add and Delete Paid Times:

There is now a new menu at the end of each row with additional actions. These include adding and deleting paid times.


Timecard Summary

The updated timecard summary displays the total number of hours for:

• Regular

• Overtime 1

• Overtime 2

• Paid Holidays

• Paid Time Off

• Paid Sick Leave

• Allowances

Timecard Adjustments

For increased security of your timecards, you will be able to see what adjustments were made, when they were made and who made them. 

To make an adjustment:

Expand the summary item

Hit "Adjust"

From the dropdown, choose the day you would like to add or subtract hours from

Type eg. either "2" or "-2" to add or subtract hours from that day

Hit "Save"

All adjustments made are visible to anyone who has the permission to view/edit/approve timecards. However, only the person who enters an adjustment can edit or remove it.

Adjustments to paid or sick time off behave as usual, bringing you to that employee profile to create their time off record. The record of the person who created the time off exists in the employee profile.