Sage50 - Timecard Export

How to export timecards for Sage50 Payroll

Play video to see how to set up Sage 50 in your account:


To turn on Sage 50 in your account, an account admin must :

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner
  2. Go to "My Apps"
  3. Select "Show" for the Sage 50 app
  4. Click on the settings cog to set up your payroll id's for Sage 50

Read this help article to learn more about Setting Up Payroll ID's

To export your timecards for Sage50 you must

  1. Go to reports > attendance reports 
  2. Select the date range, locations and employees you need to include in this report
  3. Select Sage 50
  4. Select combine or separate location hours
  5. Export
image (1)

If you choose to separate locations, please ensure you have a location code entered in your location settings

image (3)
image (2)


For further information on Sage50 payroll, please visit: