Thesaurus Payroll - Timecard Export

How to use Bizimply reports to import information into Thesaurus

The employee numbers in Bizimply must match the work numbers set in Thesaurus in order to link the two profiles correctly.

Getting the Timecards Report

  • Go to the 'Timecards' tab of your account
  • Navigate to the correct week (Please double check that all timecards have been approved and are correct)
  • Click "Export"
  • From the drop down menu choose "All Timecards"
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  • Select the CSV File option
  • Double check the date range is correct
  • Click the "Export" button
  • Open this file, you will need to alter the file to make it compatible with Thesaurus.
  • Remove the unwanted columns so that the columns are as below.
    Column A: Employee number (To match works number in Thesaurus)
    Column B: Standard hours
    Column C: Time and 1/2 hours
    Column D: Double Time hours
    Column E: Time and 1/3 hours
    Column F: Other

Note: Columns required may differ from those in example above

  • Save the file once in the correct layout

Importing into Thesaurus Payroll

  • Open Thesaurus
  • Choose Utilities in the toolbar menu
  • Select import hours in the drop down menu
  • Chose from CSV from the options
  • Click locate file and navigate to the file previously saved and open it
  • You will see the file populate the preview section
  • Click on Validate file
  • Select import

Note: Thesaurus deletes the file on import so you may wish to save a copy and if the file is open in another application when importing you may get an error 

Always double check that the hours have been imported correctly after this process.