Assigning Employee Roles

How to assign employee roles as a new admin during account setup

Check out this video on how to assign roles for your employees!


With Bizimply you can ensure that the correct level of access is available for those who require it. You can choose what aspects of Bizimply a defined role can see, basically, you can turn on/off different sections of the system so that a staff member can only view the aspects of the system they use.
Note: Roles can only be created/edited by admin account holders.



  • Log in to Bizimply as an admin
  • Click on your name/email in the top right-hand corner
  • Select "Employee Roles" from the drop-down list 
  • Here you can choose to edit (Pencil icon) or create a role (blue button)Note: If you edit a role this will affect staff who have this level of access already 
  • Now you can then choose to turn on what aspects of the system will be visible for this role 
  • (For a new role you will also have to name and describe the access, we would also recommend updating the description with any change you make on existing roles)
  • When turning on a section please check the "Choose options" details to ensure access within that tab is correct. 
  • Once happy with the role, click save and you can now apply this access to your staff.