Signing into Bizimply as an Area Manager (Location Group Role)

Learn how to sign into Bizimply as an area manager

As an Employee, when you are designated with a Location Group Role by Admin, you will receive an email notification which looks something like this;

In this scenario, Jess has just been given the Location Group Role of "Area Manager" for the Locations; Camden Town, Greenwich & Westminster. These Locations are part of the Location Group; London.

This email is automatic after the administrator makes you a Location Group Role. This means that upon receipt of this email, you can log onto the Employee Portal.
To do this go to the log-in page on the bizimply website, or else download the Manager's Bizimply app on Apple Store / Play Store.

Once you have logged into your account, you will be given the option to log in as an employee or as your assigned Location Group Role. To use the Bizimply services for this Role click on the icon with the Role and Location Group's name.

Once logged into the portal, you will be able to see information about the Location Group for which you are responsible for. The tools and information available to you is dependent upon whether the administrator has given your Role access to it. To gain access to features you currently don't have permission to use, contact the administrator of your business.

To learn about the different features available to Employees with location Group Roles please look at the follow article;
Different features of an Area Manager's Bizimply Account

Questions? - Just Ask.
If you have any questions regarding signing into a Location Group Role's Employee Portal please use "Ask Bizimply" and we can guide you through it.