How to create/edit/delete/copy Shifts

In this article, you will find out:

  1. How to delete a shift?
  2. How to manually add a shift?
  3. How to copy a shift?
  4. How to set or change position for a shift?

How to delete a shift?

When building the roster you may need to delete a shift. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Drag and drop the shift into the Popular Shifts column on the left.
  2. Delete the shift from within the shift record.
  3. Edit the shift.

Manually Adding A Shift

In order to add a shift for an employee that is not in the popular shifts, you can easily do this in the scheduling section of your Bizimply location and follow the steps outlined below. 


  1. Left click on the appropriate grid space for the employee/date on that schedule
  2. Enter the details for the shift:
  3. Start time, this takes the format HH: MM* (Required)
  4. Finish time, also in HH: MM* (Required)
  5. Unpaid break, number of minutes deducted for the break (Optional)
  6. Position, to inform an employee of their position (Optional)
  7. Start time text, to display instead of the start time. e.g. Open (Default: Time)
  8. Finish time text, to display instead of Finish time. e.g. Close (Default: Time)
  9. Choose if the hours should be included in the schedule. (Default: Yes)
  10. Add a note to the shift. (Optional)
  11. Click Save.


*You can also input the time in the 12-hour format. e.g. type "4 pm", it will automatically change to 16:00.

Copy A Shift

Although you can list your common shifts in the popular shifts section for easy access, these may not include all the shifts you use. This is why you can also copy a shift that is already on your schedule. This allows you to make the process of building a schedule even easier and quicker.  



Hold down SHIFT on you keyboard

Click and hold on an existing shift

Drag and drop to the grid space intended

You will see an exact replica of that shift is created


Set Or Change Position For A Shift

With Bizimply it is easy to inform the employee of their position and therefore what is required of them for that particular shift. You can do so by setting a position for their shift. In order to do so, the employee must have the positions selected in their profiles. 


Go to the schedule section of your account.

Choose to edit an existing shift or create a new shift. 

In the shift details, you can set the position for that shift.

Only the positions set on that employee's profile will be available to select. 

Click save and you will see that this shift now has the selected position associated with it.