Scheduling With Bizimply

A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to create weekly schedules on the Bizimply Web-app

In this article, you will find out:

  1. How to create popular shifts?
  2. How to create a schedule?
  3. How to Add notes to a schedule?
  4. How to publish your schedule?
  5. How to copy a previous schedule?

1. Creating Popular Shifts  

    You can edit and customise the shifts listed in the popular shifts to the left of the schedule. These can be set as a standard across all locations by admins or set per location and edited by managers 

    To create popular shifts,  follow these steps:

    • In the Schedule section of Bizimply, click on the edit icon in the top corner of the popular shifts section.


    This will bring you to a page that lists the popular shifts. Here you have a few options: 
    • Choose whether to colour code your shifts by position or by popular-shift
    • Add a shift - using the blue ‘Add Shift’ button at the bottom of the list
    • Edit a shift -  using the orange edit pencil icon to the right of that shift
    • Delete a shift -  using the ‘X’ button to the right of that shift

    When adding a new shift, you can enter the start time, end time and break time into the appropriate fields and click ‘Save’. This will then add your new shift to the popular shifts list/side-bar. 


    When editing a shift, you can change the times in that shift and select ‘Update’, which will update the shift in the popular shifts tab. You can also easily cancel this by selecting the ‘Cancel’ button. 



    2. Creating a Schedule  

    To create a schedule,  follow these steps:

    • Log into the Bizimply web-app.
    • Select the location you want to schedule for from the drop-down menu. 
    • Go to the Schedule Module. Here you will see a blank schedule for the week with your employees for that schedule/location listed down the side. 


    • There are three ways you can create and populate the blank schedule: 
    • Drag and drop your shift from the Popular shifts section
    • Click into a blank day and manually enter  -  using the orange edit pencil icon to the right of that shift
    • Copy a shift by clicking on the shift in the schedule, holding down the shift key, then dragging and dropping into the day you want to copy the shift to.


    • When adding a custom shift, this modal window will open up, where you can enter your custom shift. Here, you can add a note to the shift, perhaps there is a delivery coming in or you have a particular task that needs to be done, and the employee doing said shift will be notified when they are sent the schedule.


    3. Adding Notes  

    You can keep your employees up to date with every rota scheduled by adding an additional note to your schedule. It’s a handy way of telling employees about events, announcements, deliveries etc. 

    To add a note to your schedule:

    • You have access to the notes tab at the bottom of the schedule page. Schedule notes will be shown on the schedule email that your employees receive each time you publish a schedule and they will also be shown on the employee app. All notes are specific to the schedule you are viewing.


    • You can add a private note to the schedule too, this will be available only to other members of the team to see when they are editing or changing the schedule. They must be allowed access by the admin.   


    4. Publishing Your Schedule

    When you are finished building your schedule you can send it out to staff quick and easy using the publish option in Bizimply.

    To publish your schedule:

    • First, create the schedule in the Schedule section of your account
    • Once you’re happy to send it out to your staff, go to the ‘Actions’ button. From the drop-down, here,  click on the green ‘Publish’ button. 
    • A pop-up will appear with the employees on that schedule listed. Here you can choose to exclude an employee, add a note or update an email address if none is set. 
    • Click ‘Send’
    • This will cause the schedule to lock and grey out. If you need to edit the schedule you can always do so, but you will need to republish the schedule to send out the updates. Only employees who have changes applied to their shifts will be updated when re-publishing a schedule.




    5. Copying a Previous Schedule

    If you use the same, or a similar, schedule from week to week, you have the ability to copy a previous schedule. 

    To copy a schedule from a previous week:

    • Go to the ‘Actions’ button. From the drop-down here, click on ‘Copy A Schedule’.
    • Choose the previous week you wish to copy. You’ll see a preview of the schedule. The days highlighted orange in the calendar indicates the current week.
    • You’ll see a preview of the schedule. Choose ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’ to proceed.
    • On save you will see a warning that current data on the schedule will be overwritten. Click ‘Overwrite Schedule’ to confirm. The schedule will now be copied and you can make any further adjustments required before publishing.