Schedule Audit Log

Bizimply allows you to perform audit logs on all schedules.

For accountability, audit logging allows you to see who has changed the schedule and when.

  1. Login to Bizimply online.
  2. Click on your name/email in the top right.
  3. Click on Reports > Accounts Activity > Audit Log.
  4. Select location(s) and date range.
  5. Submit.

Your CSV export includes details of any of the following actions on the schedule:

  • Location
  • Schedule Created
  • Turning schedule ON
  • Turning schedule OFF
  • Publishing a schedule
  • Unlocking a schedule
  • Adding a schedule note
  • Editing a schedule note
  • Removing a schedule note
  • Adding a schedule private note
  • Editing a schedule private note
  • Removing a schedule private note
  • Removing hours from costings
  • Adding hours to costings
  • Adding a shift
  • Editing a shift time
  • Editing a shift time display
  • Removing a shift
  • Adding an unpaid break
  • Editing an unpaid break
  • Removing an unpaid break
  • Add a position
  • Editing a position
  • Removing a position
  • adding an unavailable shift
  • Adding a shift note
  • Editing a shift note
  • Removing a shift note