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Other (Employee Detail) Permissions

Learn more about what permissions are available to admins in Bizimply regarding employees

This article outlines many of the permissions that managers and other users can access in a Bizimply account. Note: Admins are also able to access the permissions listed in this article. For more information about what admins can specifically access, see ‘Admin Permissions’.


In this article you can find information on:

  1. Getting access to your Bizimply account.
  2. Allowing access to HR profiles.
  3. Employee roles in multiple locations.
  4. Giving an employee access to Bizimply.
  5. How to assign employees in shared locations.
  6. How to deactivate an employee.


Getting access to your Bizimply account.

To access your Bizimply account - you need to be given permission by an administrator/manager. Ask your manager/admin to grant you the appropriate access.

When you are given access to Bizimply, you will receive an email welcoming you to Bizimply. This email will have a link to create a password and access your account. Your email address from which the email was received and password created are your login details.

The link will only work if clicked within 48 hours for security reasons. If you see a warning after clicking the link, you can be sent a password reset by using the ‘forgot my password’ option on the login page.

Once you have followed the link to set up your account you will be brought to a page to enter in your own password and prompted to enter into the account or even your employee profile. 

For security reasons, we would suggest the following:

  • Logins to Bizimply should be unique to each individual as this ensures that the correct access is given to that staff member. Do not share your login details. 
  • Update your password on a regular basis. 
  • Sign out of Bizimply after every use. 


Allowing access to HR profiles.

Go to Employee Roles

Create a new role / Select a role to edit

Turn on Employee Permissions

Select the dropdown for “Allow access to the following HR Profiles”. This will control the visibility of the HR Profiles belonging to these roles.

Tick “This Role” in the dropdown to allow this role to view the full HR profile of others with the same role. Leave unticked if you do not want this role to have access to the full HR Profiles of others with the same role. 

Tip: When you create a new role, don’t forget to update other existing roles. They may need access to the HR Profiles of employees with the new role you just created.


Full and Shared Profiles:

This setting controls access to the Full HR Profile of employees. This includes access to all other tabs that are ticked under employee permissions: roles/notes/issues/time off etc. 


The shared profile of unselected roles in this dropdown will still be visible. 


Employee roles in multiple locations.

Once you have given an employee a role across multiple locations, they will receive an email confirming their role in each location in Bizimply. Your employee can now log in to Bizimply according to their role. 


This employee can quickly access each location that they have been given access to under the same role, using the locations dropdown menu.


Employee's with a defined role across multiple locations can access the following:

  • All Locations Dashboard

With the correct dashboard permissions, this employee can see an All Locations Dashboard, combining information from all the locations this employee has access to.


  • All Employee's View

With the correct employee permissions, this employee will have an All Employee's view, with access to the HR Profiles belonging to the locations this employee has access to. 


  • Reports across Multiple Locations

With the correct report permissions, this employee can run reports combining information from all the locations this employee has access to. 


Giving an employee access to Bizimply.

In Bizimply it is possible to give employees access to the location in order for them to log in with their own credentials. This means that they only access the aspects of the system that is required for them. 


*Additional admins must be requested directly to the Bizimply Customer Success Team. 



  1. Login to your Bizimply account (You must have the correct permissions to access this).
  2. Go to the Employees tab.
  3. Click on the employee's name you wish to give access.
  4. Go to the "Role" tab in that employee's profile.
  5. Choose the level of access you wish to apply to them.
  6. Save the update.
  7. Once you have saved this they will be notified of their new access.
  8. If they never had a previous login, they will get a welcome to Bizimply email where they can follow a link to set their password.

How to assign employees in shared locations.

It may be that your staff member is an employee in one location and a manager in another. Or it may be that they are a manager across multiple locations and need access to all of them. You must first share this employee across the different locations. This article will show you how to do this.


Once you have applied the role to their profile in their main location, follow these steps:

Please note, you must have access to the 'Roles' section of the employee profile to do this.


  1. Click on the location from the dropdown.
  2. Go to the Employee tab.
  3. Select the employee in question (Notice that this is a shared profile)
  4. Go to the 'Role' tab.
  5. Select the role and save.
  6. Answer "Yes" to the popover, if you would like to share this role across all of their locations.

Your employee will now receive an email from Bizimply, notifying them of their access for each of their shared locations.

How to deactivate an employee.

  1. Go to your employee profile
  2. Select the "De-activate" button on the right hand side of their profile header
  3. Fill out the reasons in the popover and hit Save
Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.08.08

All de-activated employees still have a profile in Bizimply. To find them:

  1. Go the employees list view
  2. Select the menu in the top left hand corner
  3. Select "Inactive Employees"
Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.08.37

Note: You can open an inactive profile and de-activate if you re-hire this employee.

Recording reasons for de-activating employees

An admin can create reasons for de-activating employees:

  1. Go to account settings > employee settings > leaver reasons
  2. Create reasons in your business that employees are de-activated 

These reasons will be available to your HR managers when they de-activate employees from their main location profile

To get an overview of how many employees have been de-activated and why, you can run an employee leavers report. 

  1. Go to reports > employee reports > export

This report can be used with the following employee reports to aid a company HR