Metrics Reports Summary

Find out what metrics reports are available in Bizimply and their functions.

What metrics reports are there?

  1. Total Sales Report.
  2. Location Sales.
  3. Wastage.
  4. Average Spend.
  5. Sales Year on Year.

Total Sales Report 

This report documents all the sales figures entered into Bizimply and presents them in clear easy-to-read formats. Both text filled tables for detailed information and colourful graphs for presentations can be exported with this report

Location Sales

This report gives a clear view of the sales figures recorded in each period for all the locations of the business. It can be broken up into shifts or shown as a combined total for each period.

Wastage Report

This report documents the value of the stock that has been wasted as a percentage of the sales figure. It can be a great tool when looking at costs in your business.

Total Spend Report

This report documents all costs entered into Bizimply. It lays out this spending in an easy to understand format, breaking it up by Time Period and Location. This can be a handy tool to use to reduce spending in your business.

Sales Year on Year

This report documents the Sales figures for a selected time period and compares them to a previous year. This can be an extremely useful tool for comparing your business' growth and trends in the industry associated with time.