Managing Punch Times

Learn how to review punch times or troubleshoot missing information, adjust an employee's clock in records and remove clock-in times

In this article you can find out how to:

  1. Review punch times.
  2. Troubleshoot missing punch times or clock in information.
  3. Adjust an employee’s clock in records.
  4. Remove clock-in times.

    Reviewing Punch Times

It is very likely that when you start using Bizimply in your business that some of your staff may forget to clock in and out for the first little while. By using our Review Punch Times section, you can manually add punch times for these employees. 


If an employee has forgotten to punch in/out please follow these steps:


Login to

Select the correct location.

Click on the Attendance tab.

Select 'Review Punch Times'.

You will now be able to view all employees who are currently clocked in and also their punch time records.


If there are employees that have forgotten to clock in/out you can simply enter the correct hours into the box beside their name. This will then update their total hours worked for the day.


Missing Punch Times/Clock In Information

There are three reasons why punch time information may not sync online.

1. The iPad is not connected to the Internet.

When your iPad is not connected to the internet, the warning symbol on your Timestation will usually say 'Unable to connect to Bizimply, please check your Wifi settings or contact Bizimply'. 

You can check when the app was last connected on the attendance widget of your dashboard. See image below:


In order to resolve this: 

Please check the iPad is connected to the internet by going to (for example) in the Safari browser. You may need to reconnect the iPad to the WiFi connection even if the WiFi is working sometimes a WiFi connection can go down or kick the iPad off the network. Please ensure that there is an internet signal coming through to the device. 

If you are still having problems connecting to Bizimply please contact us.

2. The email address attached to the Timestation has been deleted.

When the email address attached to the Timestation has been deleted, the warning symbol on your Timestation will ask you to login.

In order to resolve this:

Go to your Timestation app and click on the warning symbol in the corner.

Click login and enter the email address of a manager in that location or an admin on the account.

3. The iPad or Timestation app may need an update.

You should ensure that your iPad is always up to date and should update firmware as updates become available.

We are always updating Bizimply and this is also true for the Timestation app. We do have periodic updates to the Timestation app, so you should also make sure to update the app as soon as possible to ensure you have no issues but also to avail of new features.

Please note: The Bizimply Timestation works offline. This means that any punch times that have been entered by employees whilst the Timestation was offline will be pushed up to your Bizimply account once the Timestation is back online.

Adjusting An Employee’s Clock In Records

From time to time you may have to manually input or adjust an employee's actual punch time. 

This can be done when an employee has forgotten to clock in/out for a shift or when an employee is new and had not been set up with a PIN to clock in for previous shifts.

With the correct permissions, you are able to go to the review punch time section of the account and adjust an IN or OUT time. You can also create a brand new Punch Time record. After this, you will see that the shift length has changed and the times have been adjusted, or a new record has been created. Any original punch times are not lost and remain visible in the system.

If you clock out a staff member this way they will not be clocked out on the iPad and will need to punch out before they can clock in again (this also helps remind them that they didn't clock out correctly)

Note: If you manually create a punch time you must also manually clock this person out here also. 


  • Login with your account
  • Go to the attendance tab in a location
  • Click on review punch times to the left-hand side
  • Navigate to the correct week, day and employee record (Clicking on the name of the employee in the currently working section will bring you directly to the correct day)
  • You can overwrite the punch time by inputting a time into the appropriate white adjustment box (once you click out of editing this section it will update the punch time)
  • You can also create a new record for that day for an employee by choosing the blue add record.

Can I Remove Clock In Times?

Punch time records in the Attendance module of Bizimply can be removed. These could be the punch times synchronised from the Timestation App or manually entered in the the Review Punch Times section of Bizimply. Removed records will remain visible, however, they will no longer affect or be seen in the employee Timecards.

How to remove a punch record

You can remove a punch record in the Review Punch Times section of the account which can be found in the Attendance module. Here you will be able to see all the raw records from the Timestation App or those that were manually entered. You will see an option to remove these times to the right of the associated record. 


Once you have selected this option you will be asked to confirm your action. Note that these cannot be reinstated after confirmation. 


Once deleted you will still be able to see a historic record of it, but it will be crossed out and not have any effect on other aspects of the system.