Leaver Report

Explaining how to export the Leaver Report and detailing its layout

The Leaver Report compiles all the data on employee who've recently left the business that has been entered into the Bizimply system, and presents it in an easy to read format.

To pull a Leaver Report follow these steps:

  • Login to Bizimply online.
  • Click the "Reports" icon in the tool bar
  • Select Employee Reports > Leaver Report.
  • Choose Date Range & Locations
  • Select the "+ Export" button to Export the report.

What information will I receive with this export?

This file can only be exported as a CSV file.

In this report, the following columns appear:

  • Employee name
  • Main Location 
  • Bizimply ID
  • Employee No.
  • Email Address
  • Post Code & Country Code
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Start Dates
  • Finish Dates
  • Gender, Ethnicity, Nationality & Marital Status
  • Passport & Visa Expiry
  • Next of Kin Name & Number
  • Payroll Department
  • Main Position

Sample Leaver Report in CSV Format;