Late / Early Report

Explaining how to Export the Late / Early Report and detailing its layout

The Late / Early Report will allow you to analyse employee punctuality as well as assess what days more workers may be needed to reduce overtime hours.

To pull a Late / Early Report follow these steps:

  • Login to Bizimply online.
  • Click the "Reports" icon in the tool bar
  • Select Attendance Reports > Late / Early Report.
  • Choose Date Range, Locations, Employees, Time Threshold & a desired Format. (Note; Time Threshold is the level of leeway you’re willing to give your employees for being only a few minutes late)
  • Select the "+ Export" button to Export the report.

What information will I receive with this export?

You can choose to export this report as either a PDF or CSV file.

In this report, the following columns appear:

  • Employee name
  • Date (date of shift)
  • Location (location of shift)
  • Scheduled Shift (starting/finishing times as per the schedule)
  • In Time (actual clock-in time as per the timestation)
  • Difference (difference between the scheduled start time and actual clock-in time)
  • Out Time (actual clock-out time as per the timestation)
  • Difference (difference between the scheduled end time and actual clock-out time)
  • Net Time (total difference between scheduled times and actual times)

Sample Late / Early Report in PDF Format;

Why should I use this report?

This report can be used to determine your more punctual employees as well as seeing if any employees have bad habits of arriving late / finishing early. It can also be used to determine which employees are doing more overtime than others.