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Learn about how forecasts work in Bizimply, how to read dashboard sales forecasts, and how to apply an additional & for local taxes

In this article you will learn:

  1. How forecasts work in Bizimply.
  2. How to see and read sales forecasts on your dashboard.
  3. How to apply an additional % for local taxes.

How Forecasts Work in Bizimply

Follow these steps to switch on the Forecast Module:

Please note you must be an admin on the account to do this.

  1. Login to Bizimply online.
  2. Click your name/email in the top right.
  3. Select the App Center.
  4. Scroll down to Forecast and click 'Get'.

The Forecast feature has now been switched on in your account.

You can now apply your Forecast settings by clicking the Forecast module on the top of your screen - Please not you must be on the 'All Locations' dropdown.

Once you click into the Forecasts module, a new page opens. Here is where you can select how your forecasts should be set in your account. These settings will be applied across all locations.

If you have selected 'Yes' to allow your locations to create their own or edit existing forecasts: Your managers will be able to view the Forecasts tab when they login to Bizimply. They will also be able to enter in their own Forecasts for the week. Please note, this access must be switched on in the manager's Employee Role as shown below. This article will explain how to edit Employee Roles.

If you have selected 'Yes' to using last years forecasts for this year in each location: Your sales from last year will appear as the forecast for each location. Please note you will need to have your previous years sales figures uploaded to Bizimply for this to work. This article will show you how to upload your sales information.

You also have the option to set your Weekly Forecasts for each location. If your forecasts are the same each week, you can always save time and copy last weeks forecasts into the current week. Once you are happy with your forecasts for each location press Save.

You can set the Labour Sales % Forecast for each week in all locations. This will allow you to compare a Running Forecast Sales % against a Forecast Labour Sales % on the dashboard in each location. To set location specific and daily forecasts, click the advanced settings.

How to See and Read Sales Forecasts on your Dashboard

Forecast your daily, weekly and yearly sales figures using Bizimply's Forecast App.

The Shift Log

Enter your daily sales figures using the Shift Log. Enter the totals taken for each till across every shift, every day. 

The Dashboard

These figures will appear on your dashboard for you to compare against your forecast figures for the previous week and the previous year.

To make the most out of Shift Log, you should also enter the number of customers and number of receipts/checks taken after every shift. This will show you the average spend on your dashboard.

Apply An Additional % For Local Taxes

This can be done at the bottom of your company settings. Click your name in the top right-hand corner >> Settings. At the bottom of the landing page, you will see the following setting.

Above is the input shown. You can choose to make this higher so that it includes your effective rate of increase on your labour cost for these aspects. 

You will see this figure then have an effect on the forecasted labour cost as managers build their schedules and also on the labour sales % drop down of labour costs. It will not affect predicted cost as this is a gross figure.