You can send out an email message to notify staff of their PIN's for clocking in and out. This can be done for one employee, a group of selected employees or all at once. This can be very useful for getting up and running with Bizimply and informing staff of their 4 digit code to use at the Timestation.


  • Log in to your Bizimply account 
  • Go to the Employee tab
  • Highlight the employees you wish to send the message to by ticking the appropriate box
  • Choose the blue actions button at the top
  • Select "Email PIN" from the drop down list
  • A pop-up will appear to confirm the action
  • Click "Yes" to the message out to your staff
  • A confirmation box will appear that the action has been completed. 

See walkthrough below:

You can also send an employee their PIN in their employee profile with the "Email PIN" button seen beside their PIN. If you are updating a PIN number please be sure to save the change prior to clicking this button. 

Informs staff of their unique PIN that allows them to clock in and out at the location on the Timestation app. 

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