Keep your staff up to date with every rota published by adding an additional note to the week. It's an easy way to tell staff of events and announcements. 

Also keep private notes on the schedule for other members of your team to see when they are editing or changing the schedule.  

You can access these in the notes tab at the bottom of the schedule page. Schedule notes will be shown on the schedule email that your employees receive each time you publish a schedule and they will also be shown on the employee app. All notes are specific to the schedule you are viewing.


Schedule Notes
Inform staff of events or matters of interest for the week scheduled.
e.g. Big band playing on Friday night so we will be busy.

Private Notes
Apply internal notes for only those viewing the schedule to see. Can be used to explain particular selections in the schedule.
e.g. Swapped Mike and Kate's shifts on Friday after they requested it. 

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