How to turn on task lists

  • Login to your Bizimply account (as an admin)
  • Click on your name/email in the top right-hand corner
  • Select App Center from the drop down menu
  • Choose Bizimply Labs in the categories on the left
  • Find the "Daily Task Lists" App
  • Click "Get" if not already installed
  • While here it's best to click on the settings icon to start creating your task lists
  • You will now see Daily Task Lists is enabled in the shift log section of your account

Creating a Task List

  • Go to the Daily Task List settings (via settings in app store or in companies shift log settings)
  • Click Create New List
  • Fill in the following details for the list: (examples)
    Name - Name the list that you are creating (Cleaning List)
    Description - To inform users of the details of this task list (A list to be completed daily by the cleaners to sign off on completed tasks)
    Locations - Leave blank for all locations or select the specific locations it is applicable to (All Locations)
    Email Recipients - These are the addresses of those you wish notified when a list is complete (
  • Choose "Add Question" to add the tasks in your list:
    Name the task
    Select if the task is required to be answered
    Select Save to add that task
  • Repeat above for every question on the task list
  • Select "Save" to save the complete list. 
  • Your task list should now be listed and will appear in the shift log, you can also edit a task list if required using the pencil edit icon button. 

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