We know there are many daily tasks in bars, restaurants and stores that are carried out daily. These are usually required to be completed by staff and/or managers for accountability so we built in functionality to bring this aspect of your business online. This is incorporated into the shift log. To see how our task lists work see below, on how to apply this to your account view this article.

How Task Lists Work

  • Log into your account with the correct permissions
  • Go to the shift log tab
  • Click task lists on the left hand side
  • Select from the list the one which you wish input by clicking "Start" or "Resume"
  • For each task:
    Yes - for those completed
    No - for those not to be done
    Leave unticked - for those yet to be completed (You can save updates and edit the list again)
  • You can also add a comment to the task list at the bottom
  • Choose "Save" if you want to save your updates but not to complete the list
  • Choose "Finish and Close" if you want to sign off that the list is completed.
    All required tasks need to be answered before a task list can be finished.   
  • You can review a task list after completion and see who signed off on the task, when and any comment on the list. 


See also: Daily Task List Setup

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