You can send out an email message to staff quickly within Bizimply. You can choose to send an email to one employee, a group of selected employees or all at once. This can be very useful for announcements or even sending a quick message to a particular member of staff when logged in. 

If a staff member replies to this email it will go to the email address you had been logged in with at the time the message was sent.

The emails details are not saved so please use other means if you require a record of the email going to the employee.


  • Log in to your Bizimply account 
  • Go to the Employee tab
  • Highlight the employees you wish to send the message to by ticking the appropriate box
  • Choose the blue actions button at the top
  • Select "Email message" from the drop down list
  • A pop-up will appear with the staff members to send the message too and also an area to input your message
  • Click send to email the message out to your staff

Please note that the Action button will only appear when employees have been selected.

See walkthrough below:

Allows for quick announcements and is a great way of letting staff know of news regarding work as well as staff meetings etc. 

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