The timecards section of Bizimply is where you can have that oversight of the hours that were worked in the business and can approve these hours. 

Here you will be selecting the time you are happy to pay from in green and a time you are happy to pay until in red as well as setting the schedule that the paid time is associated with. 

To have that control of labour costs we would advise you to approve all timecards. This generally doesn't take long as Bizimply does a lot of the work for you in not only getting all the information in one place (scheduled times, punch times) but admin holders can set rules to default to certain times in different instances (when staff are late or early). This means a lot of times would be automatically selected already when running through the Timecards to approve them. 

This leaves managers or those approving the timecards to make any edits when they seem fit but also is a way of getting them to double check and sign off on the hours and the ability to associate these costs with a particular schedule.

See walkthrough below:


  • Log into your account
  • Go to the Attendance section of a particular location
  • You will be able to see the Timecards for all the employees in the location here
  • Navigate to the correct date you wish to approve
  • Look through the timecards to ensure that the correct times are selected as the paid times
  • If you need to make an edit, simply click on the correct time and it will update the paid time and hours
  • You can also select the break and even the schedule that the paid time should be associated with
  • Once happy with the week's timecard in full click the green approve button, this highlights that you have looked over that particular timecard
  • Go to the next employee by clicking their name in the list to the left

This allows for prep of hours for payroll and the ability to control your costs, having correct and approved Timecards can not only give you report that will help greatly with payroll but also allows you to compare that which you planned vs your actual times/costs on the dashboard.

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