From time to time you may have to manually input or adjust an employee's actual punch time. 

This can be done when an employee has forgotten to clock in/out for a shift or when an employee is new and had not been set up with a PIN to clock in for previous shifts.

With the correct permissions, you are able to go to the review punch time section of the account and adjust an IN or OUT time. You can also create a brand new Punch Time record. After this, you will see that the shift length has changed and the times have been adjusted, or a new record has been created. Any original punch times are not lost and remain visible in the system.

If you clock out a staff member this way they will not be clocked out on the iPad and will need to punch out before they can clock in again (this also helps remind them that they didn't clock out correctly)

Note: If you manually create a punch time you must also manually clock this person out here also. 


  • Login with your account
  • Go to the attendance tab in a location
  • Click on review punch times to the left-hand side
  • Navigate to the correct week, day and employee record (Clicking on the name of the employee in the currently working section will bring you directly to the correct day)
  • You can overwrite the punch time by inputting a time into the appropriate white adjustment box (once you click out of editing this section it will update the punch time)
  • You can also create a new record for that day for an employee by choosing the blue add record

See walkthrough below:


Allows for greater control of the account and to ensure that any punch records are complete while also giving control to managers to make changes when staff inform them that they had not clocked in/out. It can also be a great way of tidying up the account if there had been a lot of incomplete records previously. 

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