In Bizimply it is possible to turn schedules on or off in particular locations. It could be that there is no need for a schedule called "Kitchen" in a location where they don't serve food but this is required for another location as they do. 

This ability can also throw up questions like "I used to have a schedule listed but I can no longer find it" but also helps in cases where a manager might ask "I don't need this schedule, how can I remove it?"


  • Go to the schedule section of your location
  • Check the drop down list of schedules that are currently on in your location
  • Click on the orange options icon beside the location name
  • It will bring you to a section that you can turn on and off listed schedules
  • If you require one to be added, this ability is restricted to admins, see related articles.
  • If you go back to the schedule section of your account you will be able to see the listed schedules has updated with the changes you made

See walkthrough below:

This allows you to tidy up your list of schedules per location, only listing those that are applicable will make it easier to assign employees to them and also help you manage them easier when building your schedules.

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