Bizimply allows you to associate the hours and costs with a particular schedule. This allows you to deep dive into each schedule/department to see how you performed in comparison to what you expected. 

When approving timecards, you can select the rota for that paid time. Note: If the staff member was scheduled the paid time will automatically choose the schedule. See image below:

The hours/costs are broken down on the dashboard as per schedule in that location. 

You can also get a report by schedule on the scheduled vs actual hours/costs. Just click on the "Tools" button when you're on a schedule and select "Save as Excel". Here you can export the "Schedules vs Actual" report for any or all schedules. 

Monitor your labour costs and hours at an even deeper level than before, split out the costs to the departments so that you can analyse their performance even closer and see how they matched up to what was scheduled. 

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