When you are finished building your schedule you can send it out to staff quick and easy using the publish option in Bizimply. This will not only send an email out to the employees on the schedule, with their own individual schedules, but they will also be able to view it online and on the MyZimply app once they have been given access.


  • First, create the schedule in the schedule section of your account
  • Once you are happy to send it out to your staff click on "Tools"
  • Choose the green "Publish" button from the drop down menu
  • A pop-up will appear with the employees on that schedule listed
  • Here you can choose to exclude an employee, add a note and update an email address if none is set
  • Click send.
  • You will see that the rota has been locked, greyed out and published. 
  • If you need to edit the schedule you can always do so but you will need to republish the schedule to send out the updates.
  • Only staff who have changes applied will be updated when re-publishing a schedule

See an example of publishing a schedule below:

Inform your staff of their hours as soon as the rota has been finished. With just a few clicks staff will know when they are supposed to be working and can be updated on any changes as soon as they are made. 

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