You may wish to list your employees in a certain order on your roster. For instance, your management team may be listed at the top and new starters are listed at the bottom or it can even help to group staff who work in the same area together. In Bizimply, this can easily be done and updated with a simple click and drag. 


  • Go to the scheduling section of your Bizimply account
  • Make sure you are on an unlocked schedule
  • Click and hold on the employee's name you wish to move
  • Drag the employee up or down the schedule
  • Release where you wish to place the staff member in the list

See below:


This can help you organise your rota so that you can easily see who is working together or what positions are filled.

E.g. If I group together my managers I will be able to see that one is scheduled to work while the others are not. This can reduce the amount of time spent scrolling through the schedule ensuring I have all positions covered for the day/ shift.

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