In Bizimply it is possible to give employees access to the location in order for them to log in with their own credentials. This means that they only access the aspects of the system that is required for them. 

*Additional admins must be requested directly to the Bizimply Customer Success Team. 


  • Login to your Bizimply account (You must have the correct permissions to access this)
  • Go to the Employees tab
  • Click on the employee's name you wish to give access
  • Go to the "Role" tab in that employee's profile
  • Choose the level of access you wish to apply to them
  • Save the update
  • Once you have saved this they will be notified of their new access
  • If they never had a login previously they will get a welcome to Bizimply email where they can follow a link to set their password.

Allowing staff have their own login access with their own password, access can be set for the correct level for that employee, you can set different levels of access in different locations for a staff member. Also if an employee leaves their access is removed as soon as their profile is deactivated. No more need for shared accounts or location access. 

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