With Bizimply it is easy to inform the employee of their position and therefore what is required of them for that particular shift. You can do so by setting a position for their shift. In order to do so, the employee must have the positions selected in their profiles. 


  • Go to the schedule section of your account.
  • Choose to edit an existing shift or create a new shift. 
  • In the shift details, you can set the position for that shift.
  • Only the positions set on that employee's profile will be available to select. 
  • Click save and you will see that this shift now has the selected position associated with it. 

See example below:

Allows for you to easily inform your staff within their schedule of their duties for the shift. For example, if you have an employee that works as both a waiter and a kitchen porter these positions not only requires different duties but may also have a different uniform for their tasks. Since staff are shown this on their roster they know to be prepared and in my example to wear the correct attire. 

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