It is possible to edit and customise the shifts listed in the popular shifts to the left of the schedule. These can be set as a standard set across all locations by admins or set per location and edited by managers. 


  • In the schedule section of Bizimply click on the edit icon* in the top corner of the popular shifts section.
    *If this icon is not available to you, you do not have the appropriate permissions.
  • This will bring you to a page that lists the popular shifts.
  • Here you have a few options:

Add a shift - using the blue 'Add Shift' button at the bottom of the list.
Edit a shift - using the orange edit pencil icon to the right of that shift.
Delete a shift - using the X button to the right of that shift.

Tip: Popular shifts are listed by start time, knowing this can help you find the correct shift faster. 

See below for a walkthrough on adding a popular shift.

Best Practice:
We would recommend that you build a bank of 10-15 of your most popular shifts.  Just enough to just fill your screen. Adding too many could mean that you must scroll to find the one you want which can defeat the purpose of being easily accessible on the left. 

Having your most popular shifts listed to the left of the schedule allows for quick and easy drag and drop assignments that can speed up your scheduling and save time. 

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