In order to add a shift for an employee that is not in the popular shifts, you can easily do this in the scheduling section of your Bizimply location and follow the steps outlined below. 

  • Click on the appropriate grid space for the employee/date on that schedule
  • Enter the details for the shift:
  • Start time, this takes the format HH:MM* (Required)
  • Finish time, also in HH:MM* (Required)
  • Unpaid break, number of minutes deducted for break (Optional)
  • Position, to inform employee of their position (Optional)
  • Start time text, to display instead of start time. e.g. Open (Default: Time)
  • Finish time text, to display instead of Finish time. e.g. Close (Default: Time)
  • Choose if the hours should be included in the schedule. (Default: Yes)
  • Add a note to the shift. (Optional)
  • Click Save.

*You can also input the time in the 12-hour format. e.g. type "4 pm", it will automatically change to 16:00.

See below on creating a shift:


This allows you to inform a staff member of their work details for that day and an employee will see this when they receive their schedule by email, view it online or via the MyZimply app. 

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