A highly requested feature was the ability to copy a rota to this week. An incredibly handy tool for managers whose schedules usually stay the same, or broadly the same. This allows schedules to be created and finished in a few clicks! 


  • Go to the scheduling section of you account
  • Click on Tools and choose copy a schedule
  • Choose the previous week you wish to copy
  • You well see a preview of the schedule
  • Choose "Save" or "Cancel" to proceed
  • On save you will see a warning that current data on the schedule will be overwritten. Click "Overwrite Schedule" to confirm. 
  • The schedule will now be copied and you can make any further adjustments required before publishing.

See guide below:

This allows you to speed up the process of creating your schedules if they tend to stay the same or close to the same. It can also be a very handy starting point if all your shifts have been set and all you need to do is rearrange them slightly. 

If you know you have a busy period coming up you can copy from a previous busy period which can be very useful. 

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