In Bizimply, Employee timecards are automatically created using their scheduled times and also their actual "Punch" times.

Although there are attendance rules in the settings, these rules are only the defaults and since labour is one of the major expenses for any business these do require some oversight with the ability to overwrite the paid times. 

When prepping for processing your payroll we would encourage you or your managers to look through each employee timecard and ensure that the correct hours are selected. 

What they are looking to do is select a time in green that they are happy to pay from and a time in red that they are happy to pay until. Clicking on a time will update this to the paid time and highlight it with the appropriate colour.

Once you have looked through the timecard you should click on the green approve button to highlight that you have checked it and it will be easy see those that you have already approved. #

This process does not take long as a quick glance to have that oversight is usually all that is required given your company settings. Most instances that will require a change would include but not limited to:

  • An employee was asked to come in early
  • An employee was asked to say late
  • An employee was asked to come in on a day they were off
  • An employee forgot to clock in/out. 

If you have any questions regarding approving timecards our Customer Support Team would be more than happy to explain further. Just use the "Ask Bizimply" button in the bottom left corner.

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