You can input sales in Bizimply along with any other daily information regarding the running of your premises in the shift log. 

The sales information will be requested under the Sales Area of this shift log.

The walkthrough below shows you how you can fill information into the shift log.


  • Login to your Bizimply account. 
  • Go to the shift log tab
    - You must have the shift log module turned on in your account
    - You must be in a location to go to the shift log section
  • Fill in the information requested in the shift log (including sales)
  • Click Save at the bottom to save the inputted information

The shift log can be customised to include your own sales areas, set metrics and any questions you wish to ask your managers or staff to input at the end of every shift. 

Gain more insight and track the ongoings in your premises. Tracking the sales will allow you to get a labour sales percentage which is used as a key performance indicator of how well the location is doing. Also you will be able to get the benefits of having multiple useful reports in the system.

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