Once an employee has been deactivated they should no longer appear on the schedule and they shouldn't have any timecards after their finish date.

There are a few reasons why an employee may still appear active on the system:

  1. They have shifts in future schedules
    If you navigate to future weeks on the schedule and the employee has shifts planned on future dates, the employee will still appear in the schedule and have a timecard for those dates. Simply delete any future shifts that the employee may have and they should disappear from both the schedule and the Timecards section.

    Note: If the future schedule was published, unlock the schedule to remove all the employee's shifts. Republish the schedule and watch the employee's name disappear.

    How to delete a shift

  2. They are still clocked in on the Timestation App
    If the deactivated employee forgot to clock out for their last shift, their name will still appear in the attendance widgets and Attendance section of Bizimply. All you need to do is clock them out using their 4-digit pin on the Timestation App and make sure to manually adjust the out time in the Attendance section.

    Manually enter/ adjust punch times

  3. They have time off records booked in the future
    Before deactivating an employee's profile you need to ensure all time off records booked for them in the future are deleted.

    If you deactivate the employee before the paid time off has been deleted, the employee's timecards containing those paid times will appear as you're approving timecards in the following weeks. They will also reappear on the schedule(s) for the week(s) that the time off was booked.

    How to delete a time off record

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