There are three reasons why punch time information may not sync online.

1. The iPad is not connected to the internet

When your iPad is not connected to the internet, the warning symbol on your Timestation will usually say 'Unable to connect to Bizimply, please check your Wifi settings or contact Bizimply'. 

You can check when the app was last connected on the attendance widget of your dashboard. See image below:

In order to resolve this: 

  • Please check the iPad is connected to the internet by going to (for example) in the Safari browser. You may need to reconnect the iPad to the WiFi connection even if the WiFi is working sometimes a wifi connection can go down or kick the iPad off the network. Please ensure that there is an internet signal coming through to the device. 

If you are still having problems connecting to Bizimply please contact us.

2. The email address attached to the Timestation has been deleted.

When the email address attached to the Timestation has been deleted, the warning symbol on your Timestation will ask you to login.

In order to resolve this:

  • Go to your Timestation app and click on the warning symbol in the corner.
  • Click login and enter the email address of a manager in that location or an admin on the account.

3. The iPad or Timestation app may need an update.

You should ensure that your iPad is always up to date and should update firmware as updates become available.

We are always updating Bizimply and this is also true for the Timestation app. We do have periodic updates to the Timestation app, so you should also make sure to update the app as soon as possible to ensure you have no issues but also to avail of new features.

Please note: The Bizimply Timestation works offline. This means that any punch times that have been entered by employees whilst the Timestation was offline will push up to your Bizimply account once the Timestation is back online.

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