The Bradford Report is a very useful tool to help understand which of your employees are disrupting the smooth running of your business. To learn more about what the Bradford Report actually is, see this related article; Explaining the Bradford Report

The Bradford Report can only be exported as a CSV file. After first opeining the
report it will look like this;

In the top right hand corner, the name of the report and the dates for which the reports parameters have been set as are displayed for your reference;

In the three right hand columns, the personal information of the employee is displayed. This includes their Name, Primary Location, and Primary Position;

The next two columns display the Instances or "Spells" and Total Days absent for the corresponding employees. This information is used to calculate the Bradford Score (as explained in the article; Explaining the Bradford Report). This figure is displayed in the next column over;

Finally the subsequent columns show which days composed the majority of an employees absences (Percentages are used to convey this). 

For example Simon Adams was absent for 3 days in total. Under Monday, the figure "67%" is shown. This means that 67% or 2-out-of-3 of his absences were on a Monday;

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