When exporting Timecards, the default titles of each column are as shown in this sample data file;

These titles may not be consistent with the preexisting systems used by your business however. In order to change these titles to create custom IDs tailored to your business follow the instructions below;

To learn how to export Timecards, see this related article;
Exporting Employee Timecards


  • Sign into bizimply as an admin
  • Select your name/email address in the right hand corner
  • Click on "Setting" in the drop-down menu
  • On the left-hand side, choose "Payroll" from the list of options
  • Select "Payroll IDs" from the drop down menu
  • The default option for Payroll IDs is set to "No". Click on the "Yes" button to change this
  • Now you can fill in each Custom ID you wish to use as a replacement for each term stated.
  • Once these have been input into the system, any future Timecard Data will include these IDs in place of the default terms

Questions? - Just Ask.
If you have any questions regarding Payroll IDs please use "Ask Bizimply" and we can guide you through it.

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