Once you've set up your new store or shop you'll need to complete the following in order to use Bizimply effectively in the new location. When a new location has been added the sales area metric wont update automatically therefore the following steps are here to help let up the new location.

Make sure to:
add/share your employees
select the correct schedules for your location
setup/connect your Timestation app
add a new payroll department to match your new location

Shift Log sales areas

When setting up a new location you'll need to ensure the correct sales areas are selected in the Shift Log.
Generally when accessing the shift log within the new location, you'll see that the sales area field is greyed out and cannot be filled in. See image below.

In order to add the correct sales areas to the shift log for this location follow these steps:

  • Log into app.bizimply.com (only admin access level)
  • Select the drop down menu in your name/ email address in the top right hand corner
  • Click on Settings => Shift Log Setup => Daily Metrics
  • Click on the "Edit" link next to the sales areas you want to add to the location
  • You'll now find a drop down menu containing the locations that are currently setup on that metric.
  • Select the new relevant location. This will add the sales area to the shift log for that location.

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