All admins can export a timecard with the pay rates column included at the end of the report. This column contains the pay rate for hourly staff.

Where can i find this report?

Employee timecards can be exported from timecards and from reports. For more details on how to do this please read this article.

Permission to view this column on timecards

To allow a manager to export a timecard with a pay rates column, you must edit their employee role and turn on the permission for them to view this report. 

  1. Click on your name/email in the top right hand corner
  2. Go to employee roles
  3. Turn on attendance
  4. Click choose options
  5. Tick "View Payroll Information"

Please Note:
Turning on this permission also turns on another report called "Export by pay rates". To learn more about this article and what your manager will be able to see, please read Timecard Export broken down by Pay Rates

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