Before going through this article, please watch this video for an overview on how accrued time off works.

It's important to note:

  • With every approved Timecard, the accrued hours balance will automatically update on the employee profiles.
  • Paid Time Off logged on every Vacation record will be deducted from the accrued hours balance.

Upon initial setup of Bizimply, if your account start date is not the same as your company's leave year start date, your employees will already have accrued hours and this balance will need to be added to employee profiles manually.

Here's more info on how to manually adjust time off balances

Steps to follow to ensure accurate balances when setting up your account for the first time:

  1. Make a company-wide decision on your first week of approved timecards.
    Eg. Managers will begin approving all employee Timecards in Bizimply for the week beginning Monday the 17th of September.
  2. This means that you'll need the accruals balances of all employees up until the day before the first day of your first week.
    Eg. I need to add the accruals balances for each employee as of and up to Sunday the 16th of September.

Q: Managers have already added Paid Vacation records in employee profiles before we adjusted the accruals balances.

Managers and other users who have access to log time off may have already booked paid vacation within the system before you've had the chance to add in all the balances on employee profiles.

If the paid vacation is booked within the first week or further into the future, then you don't need to worry about it when adding in the balance. Simply add the balance as of your specified date and the accruals balance in the widget will update correctly automatically.

It's best to advise managers and other users not to book historical holidays into employee profiles.
But if they do, you will need to either:

  • delete the historical time off record(s) and go ahead to adjust the accruals balance.
  • recalculate the correct balance considering the historical paid vacation booked in.

Q: We've been using Bizimply for weeks before we could adjust the balances, and weeks of Timecards have already been approved.

If the system has been used for a few weeks already and you're seeing an accrued balance on employee profiles due to approved Timecards, simply add the accruals balance as of the specified date and watch the balance update automatically.

Key to note is to ensure all Timecards were indeed approved from your agreed first week moving forward.

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