Time Off Settings

To update the default settings for accrual percentages for hourly employees, amount of annual leave days for salary employees and leave year dates, please go to the app centre and select the settings icon for the Time Off Tracking app.

Here you can change the default hours per day,  accrual percentage for hourly paid employees, allowance in days for salary employees and leave year date. 

Accrual Percentage

The accrual percentage is used to calculate the amount of Vacation accrued by an employee for each hour worked on an approved timecard. Accrual percentages can also be set individually on an employee profile should some employees accrue time off differently.

Hours Per Day

The default working hours per day are used to calculate how many days were taken for each time off entry. This can be seen in any time off report. This can be set at a company level which will apply to all staff. It can also be set individually on an employee profile should some employees require a different setting. 

Standard allowance per year for salaried employees

The default yearly allowance for time off can be set for salaried employees based on how many days annual leave are provided by the business. This value is set across the whole company, while it can also be changed per employee if they require a different balance.

Leave Year Date

The default setting for "Leave year starts on" is the 1st of January. This means that all time off balances shows time off from the 1st of January to the 31st of December for the current year. This can be updated depending on your company setting for leave year which will apply to all employees.

Individual Employee Settings

To update an employees settings to be different to the company setting simply select the "Setting" option in each time off widget on their "Time Off" tab in the employee profile. Please note that this is only available to accounts using our "Accrued Time Off" application.

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