Approving Timecards

Once the Timecard is approved, all the fields will be greyed out and uneditable. The employee's hours on the left hand side will turn green. This will help you track which Timecards you have approved.

Approved and locked Timecards will also lock the following modules:

  1. The employee's punch times.
  2. The employee's days on the schedule.

Punch times

The punch times of that employee will also be greyed out and uneditable in the 'Review Punch Times' feed in the Attendance module.

Why are punch times missing from the Timecard?
If the Timecard has been approved and you have an employee clocking in and out on an approved day, it will not appear on a locked Timecard. If this happens, please unapprove the Timecard so that any missing punch times can update and be displayed on the Timecard. Make any necessary amendments and re-approve.


On the schedule, you will notice a lock symbol on each day that was approved on the employee's Timecard for that specific week. This ensures that no changes can be made after you have approved the hours worked on that employee's Timecard. Again if you need to make changes to the schedule, you should un-approve the Timecard, make your changes on the schedule and reapprove the Timecard.

Unapproving Timecards

If you need to unapprove a Timecard, it is a simple as clicking the red 'Unapprove' button in the employee's Timecard.

Once you have unapproved an employee's Timecard you will notice that the locks have disappeared from both their schedule and review punch times.

Bear in mind that unapproving a Timecard may cause the total hours worked to change.
If there were any punch times on the Timestation App while the Timecard was locked down, this activity would synchronise with the Timecard upon unapproval. This usually happens when Timecards are approved mid-week, and the employee hasn't completed all his/ her shifts for that week yet.

Please Note

  • Settings cannot be changed when there are approved timecards. For example, your Timecards start day and default built by setting. Read more on this here:
    Attendance Settings
  • Time off records cannot be added or deleted if associated timecard is locked.¬†
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