It is very likely that when you start using Bizimply in your business that some of your staff may forget to clock in and out for the first little while. By using our Review Punch Times section, you can manually add punch times for these employees. 

If an employee has forgotten to punch in/out please follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Select the correct location.
  3. Click on the Attendance tab.
  4. Select 'Review Punch Times'.

You will now be able to view all employees who are currently clocked in and also their punch time records.

If there are employees that have forgotten to clock in/out you can simply enter the correct hours into the box beside their name. This will then update their total hours worked for the day.

Benefits of using our review Punch Times section:

  • You can keep your account tidy and your employee's hours correct.

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