In Bizimply you can add and edit all relevant employee information in the employee profile. Bizimply is cloud based so you will be able to access this information anywhere you have an internet connection!

How to edit an employee profile:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the employee tab.
  3. Select the employee you wish to edit.
  4. Enter in all information you feel relevant under each of the tabs in the employee profile.

Please note - The most important information you want to enter in an employee profile is their first and last name and also their email address. This email address will be the email that their schedule will be sent to and also the email with which they will login to and any mobile apps for employees and managers.

There are a few different headings under each employee profile.

  • Details - This is where you will add in basic employee information and HR details. For example, their name, email, date of birth, location, schedule, positions and start dates.
  • Payroll - This is where you will add in the employees payroll information. This includes, their department, employee number, whether they are salary or hourly and different pay rates.
  • Issues - We at Bizimply like to refer to these as employee events. This is where you can add any good or bad events relating to this employee.
  • Documents - If you want to get rid of that forgotten filing cabinet where you keep all your documents in the office, our documents section on Bizimply will be right up your street. You can upload employee's CV's, training certificates, contracts and any other important information to this section.
  • Notes - You can add any kind of note relevant to this employee in this section.

Benefits of adding/editing an employee profile

  • You can keep all important information in one place.
  • You can easily keep employee details up to date. 

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