One of the great things about Bizimply, is the ability to have everything in one place! In the employee profile, you can hold many documents and take note of various information, for example employee issues.

How to log an employee issue:

  1. Login to  Please note that you must have certain access levels to be able to view employee details.
  2. Click on the Employee tab.
  3. Select the employee's profile in question.
  4. Click on the issues tab.
  5. Click 'Add Issue'.
  6. Fill in all relevant details and save.
  7. Once you have saved the issue, it will be saved to the employees profile where you can access it as and when you wish.

How to log an issue through the Shift Log:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the Shift Log tab. Please note that the Shift Log must be switched on in the App Center to be accessed.
  3. Under Issues click on Employee Issues.
  4. Click New Issue.
  5. Fill in relevant information and save.
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