There are a number of places you can see break information for staff. 

The best place to view the break information is in the Review Punch Times section of the Attendance module. 

Here you will see all the shifts broken down by day and to the right of the clock in and out times you will see the break time. 

When you click on this break time a pop up with more information will appear. Note in my below example they have yet to clock back in from their break.  

If multiple breaks have been taken for the shift you will see them all listed in this pop up. 

Other places to see break information:

  • On the employee's timecard (only when the shift has been completed)
  • In the manager app
  • On the Dashboard's attendance widget (when they are on break at the time)
  • At the timestation itself in the manager portal (person icon bottom left corner) or in the information (menu icon top right corner)

Being able to see when and who took breaks can not only benefit the manager in being aware of the ongoings in the location but also can prove compliance to labour laws. 

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