Employee Timecards Report

Step-By-Step on how to pull the Employee Timecards Report and a brief explanation on its layout

The Employee Timecards Report will allow you to manage the number of hours your employees have worked in the time frame you specify and will break up these hours into the different Pay Rates.

To pull an Employee Timecards Report follow these steps:

  • Login to Bizimply online.
  • Click the "Reports" icon in the tool bar
  • Select Attendance Reports > Employee Timecards.
  • Choose Date Range, Locations, Employees & a desired Format.
  • Select the "+ Export" button to Export the report.

What information will I receive with this export?

You can choose to export this report as either a PDF, CSV file or on Micropay.

In this report, the following columns appear:

  • Employee name
  • Department
  • Employee Number
  • Regular (regular hours worked)
  • Sunday (Sunday hours worked)
  • Overtime 1 (first overtime rate hours worked)
  • Overtime 2 (second overtime rate worked)
  • Paid Time Off (paid hours off)
  • Public Holidays (public holiday hours worked)
  • Sick Pay (sick pay hours used)
  • Total  (total hours payable)
  • £€ Extras (bonuses granted)

Sample Employee Timecard Report in PDF Format;

Why should I use this report?

This report details the hours worked by each employee, splitting them up into the different Pay Rates, with any extra costs shown. The Total Hours worked by each Payroll Department, and Position are also included.