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Employee Profiles

Learn how to delete or edit an employee and log employee issues

In this article you will find out:

  1. How to delete an employee profile.
  2. How to edit an employee profile.
  3. How to quickly edit multiple employee profiles at once.
  4. How to log employee issues.
  5. What it means when a warning appears saying an email is already in use.

How do I Delete an Employee?

If you wish to delete an employee you must contact the Bizimply team on support@bizimply.com.

Before you request to delete an employee, please understand that all current and historical information associated with this employee will be deleted.

This will include:

  • Documents
  • Notes 
  • Issues
  • Time off
  • Attendance
  • Payroll information

To comply with GDPR regulations, this information will not be stored in the background and therefore we will be unable to retrieve this information. Please make sure you are okay with all of the above before making your request.


Once the employee is deleted


A historic schedule with a deleted employee will look like this: 



All clock in/out and break photos will be permanently deleted

Punch times belonging to a deleted employee will look like this:



Unapproved timecards will be deleted. Approved timecards with a deleted employee will look like this: 


Employee Issues:

Issues against a deleted employee will be completely deleted from the database. They won’t be on the dashboard or in the shift log. 

Issues created by Key Staff:

When creating new issues, a deleted key staff will not appear in the dropdown.

When viewing historical issues created by a deleted key staff “deleted employee” will appear in the dropdown in the web app and on the manager app.


Manager App:

Clock in records and schedules will look like this:


Timestation Attendance: 

Photos will be deleted and the name replaced with “deleted employee”.



Exports will replace employee’s name with “deleted employee” anywhere the employee name appears on an export.


Audit Log:

Changes within the profile of a deleted employee will be excluded from the report.

Changes to an existing employee profile carried out by a deleted employee will be included, with “deleted employee” replacing the name of the employee. 


How to edit an employee profile

In Bizimply you can add and edit all relevant employee information in the employee profile. Bizimply is cloud based so you will be able to access this information anywhere you have an internet connection!

How to edit an employee profile:

  1. Login to app.bizimply.com.
  2. Go to the employee tab.
  3. Select the employee you wish to edit.
  4. Enter all the information you feel relevant under each of the tabs in the employee profile.

Please note - The most important information you want to enter for an employee profile is their first and last name and also their email address. This email address will be the email that their schedule will be sent to and also the email with which they will login to app.bizimply.com and any mobile apps for employees and managers.

There are a few different headings under each employee profile.

  • Details - This is where you will add in basic employee information and HR details. For example, their name, email, date of birth, location, schedule, positions and start dates.
  • Payroll - This is where you will add in the employees payroll information. This includes, their department, employee number, whether they are salary or hourly and different pay rates.
  • Issues - We at Bizimply like to refer to these as employee events. This is where you can add any good or bad events relating to this employee.
  • Documents - If you want to get rid of that forgotten filing cabinet where you keep all your documents in the office, our documents section on Bizimply will be right up your street. You can upload employee's CV's, training certificates, contracts and any other important information to this section.
  • Notes - You can add any kind of note relevant to this employee in this section.

How to quickly edit multiple employee profiles at once

Sometimes you may need to edit or quick action a group or all of your employee profiles at once. You can do this in the employee tab in Bizimply.

Follow these steps:

Login to app.bizimply.com.

Go to employees tab.

Click on the empty box to the left of 'Name', this will select all employees.

Select the Actions button and choose what you would like to do with the selected employees.

 Please note that the Action button will not appear until employees have been selected.

You will be given five different options.

Quick Edit - Here you can quick edit different sections of the employee profile. Including Personal, Work and Payroll details.

Send Email Message - By selecting this option, you will be able to send a mass message to all employees selected.

Email PIN - You will use this when you first start using Bizimply. By selecting this option, you will email the employees selected their PINs, which they will use to punch in and out on the Timestation app.

Export as CSV - By selecting this option, a CSV will be exported and downloaded onto your computer. This CSV will contain all information from the employee profiles of the staff members selected.

Deactivate Employee - Here you can deactivate employee(s) selected from the system (Don't worry, you can always reactivate them if needs be and their historical work information is always stored in the system).

How to log employee Issues

One of the great things about Bizimply is the ability to have everything in one place! In the employee profile, you can hold many documents and take note of various information, for example employee issues.

How to log an employee issue:

  • Login to Bizimply.com.  Please note that you must have certain access levels to be able to view employee details.
  • Click on the Employee tab.
  • Select the employee's profile in question.
  • Click on the issues tab.
  • Click 'Add Issue'.
  • Fill in all relevant details and save.
  • Once you have saved the issue, it will be saved to the employees profile where you can access it as and when you wish.

How to log an issue through the Shift Log:

  • Login to Bizimply.com.
  • Go to the Shift Log tab. Please note that the Shift Log must be switched on in the App Center to be accessed.
  • Under Issues click on Employee Issues.
  • Click New Issue.
  • Fill in relevant information and save.

Email Already In Use Warning


In Bizimply we use email addresses are used as unique login credentials. If you are getting this error it means that the address you are entering is already in use within the system. This could be from within your own account or even in another current or previous employers account. The below will show you how to remove the email address to free it up for another profile or to be added as an admin.

If the email address is joeblogs@youremail.com, what you can do is use the email address joeblogs+1@youremail.com and all emails will still go to the original joeblogs@youremail.com address. Most email providers (incl. Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook) ignore the '+' and anything trailing it before the '@' symbol. 

If the email address is still not working for you, please get in touch with us and we will look into it further.