How to Create Onboarding Checklists?

Learn how to create onboarding checklists in Bizimply

Onboarding checklists are custom to-do lists that can be set up to aid the process of hiring new employees and inputting their details into Bizimply.


  • Log into Bizimply as admin
  • Click on your name/email on the right hand corner
  • Select "Settings" from the drop-down-menu
article 1 l
  • Click the "Employees" tab on the left-hand-side
  • Choose "Onboarding Checklists" from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the "+ New Checklist" button in the right-hand-corner to create a custom onboarding checklist
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  • Next you will have to fill in the Name, Description, Locations and Email recipients associated with this checklist
article 1 c
  • Click on the "+ Add Task" button in order to create the steps on the checklist
article 1 c (1)
  • A text box will appear in which you should fill in the steps. You can mark these steps as Required or not. Note; If it is required you cannot complete the checklist until it has been marked done
article 1 d
  • Once happy with the checklist select the save button at the bottom of the tab. 

This checklist has now been assigned to ALL staff members in selected locations.