How to Create a Location Group

Learn how to create a location group in Bizimply

In Bizimply, each Location has it's own Work Schedule, List of Employees, Forecasts, etc. Location Groups are designed to integrate different Locations with shared employees, managers etc to make the running of the business easier and to enable greater transparency between the different Locations in the Grouping. Location Group Roles can be created based on these Groupings.

Note: In order to make a Location Group, the individual members of the Location Group must be input into Bizimply.


  • Log into Bizimply as an Admin
  • Click on your name/email in the top right-hand corner
  • Select "Locations" from the drop-down list
  • Select "Manage Groups" from the left hand table
  • Here you can create new location groupings (blue button) or edit existing location groups (pencil icon). Note: If you edit a location group this will affect staff who have this level of access already.
  • Select "+ New Group" on the right hand side to create a new Location Group.
  • You will then have to give a name to for this Location Group (eg. "London" or "Northern Ireland"), and select which of the Location will be a part of this grouping.


  • Once happy click save. The Location Group will be made.


Enables Location Group Roles to be created, allowing managers, supervisors, etc to have access to the Employee Portal for the different Locations they're responsible for.